ŠKOLÁK - Zaraďovací test pre deti


Pri vyplňovaní odpovedí sa snažte sústrediť a vyplniť len to, čo naozaj viete. Ak za Vás odpovede vyplní niekto iný, môže sa stať, že kurz ktorý Vám vyberieme nebude celkom vhodný pre Vás.

Ste ?

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Choose the correct answer: true or false?
Each correct answer is 1 point, each incorrect answer is -1 point and no answer means 0.

Označte , či sú nasledujúce tvrdenia pravdivé (TRUE) alebo nepravdivé (FALSE) Pri vyplňovaní testu sa sústreďte a označte len odpovede ktorými ste si istý! Za nesprávne odpovede sa body odpočítajú !

  • Správna odpoveď 1 bod
  • Nesprávna odpoveď -1 bod
  • Nevyplnené 0 bodov

2. Seven plus two is nine.
3. The plural of a table is tables.
4. An onion isn’t a vegetable.
5. A nose is a part of the body.
6. We can buy carrots at the greengrocer’s.
7. London isn’t the capital of England.
8. Monday is the third day of the week.
9. December is the first month of the year.
10. An elephant is a small animal.
11. A rabbit has got two long ears.
12. A bear cannot jump.
13. There is snow in winter.
14. It is hot in summer.
15. I drink water when I am thirsty.
16. Snakes are ugly.
17. There are not trees in the forest.
18. A rainbow is beautiful.
19. I am reading now.
20. I pick flowers in summer in the garden.
21. We say ‘an book’.
22. There is often a slide in the park.
23. Children play hide-and-seek with friends.
24. We can buy meat at the butcher’s.
25. A dog has only one tail.
25. A dog has only one tail.(1)
26. A pen is made of leather.
27. A book is made of paper.
28. Children often like gum.
29. Boys cannot play football at all.
30. A lemon tastes sweet.
31. We keep food in the fridge.
32. We have dinner in the morning.
33. Penguins don’t live in Antarctica.
34. A mechanic repairs cars at the garage.
35. A cheetah is faster than a snail.
36. A feather is light.
37. We can compare a quiet person to a cat.
38. A squirrel likes acorns.
39. People wash their hands with soap.
40. A hamburger is a healthy snack.
41. Pinocchio is a wooden puppet.
42. Some people collect coins.
43. A cat is an unfriendly animal.
44. I take cough syrup when I have a cough.
45. Some children are crazy about playing computer games.
46. It will be hot next summer.
47. I could walk when I was 2 years old.
48. A good spy can break the most difficult code.
49. People usually wear mittens in summer.
50. They sell tickets at the ticket booth.
51. Some people watch films with subtitles.
52. Coins are made of paper.
53. Selfish people have a lot of friends.
54. If you had a headache, you would take a pill.


Translate these words.
Each correct answer is 1 point, each incorrect answer or no answer means 0.

Preložte nasledujúce slová.

  • Správna odpoveď 1 bod
  • Nesprávna odpoveď alebo nevyplnené 0 bodov

1. third
2. Thursday
3. capital
4. chair
5. under
6. carrot
7. people
8. our
9. cinema
10. opposite
11. September
12. cotton
13. side
14. teeth
15. parents
16. cucumber
17. happiness
18. the most
19. united
20. each
21. circle
22. other
23. believe
24. surface
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